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Welcome to SH&B - Hotel Millennium Inn, Prayagraj, located in the heart of the historic city of Prayagraj. Our hotel is a perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional hospitality, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Our luxurious rooms and suites are tastefully designed with modern decor and equipped with all the essential amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient. We offer a range of room options, including standard rooms, deluxe rooms, executive rooms, and suites, catering to the needs of all our guests.


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At Hotel Millennium Inn & Banquet, we strive to exceed our guests' expectations by providing them with the best possible experience. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and look forward to welcoming you to our hotel for an unforgettable stay.

Places To Visit


The Indian city of Prayagraj, formerly called Allahabad, is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh on the banks of the Ganga and the Yamuna river. Allahabad is a holy city for almost all communities of India. For the Hindus, the countless temples, the Triveni Sangam, and the Akshyavat located here serve as a source of faith and divinity. There are also mausoleums like Khusro Bagh and several mosques located here.

Triveni Sangam

The meeting point or the confluence of three of the most important rivers in the Hindu religion, Triveni Sangam, is a holy place located in Allahabad. It is one of the most popular and sacred places to visit in Allahabad, and is


Khusro Bagh

Formerly a burial complex near the Allahabad junction railway station, Khusro Bagh is currently a walled garden typical of the Mughal construction. Khusro Bagh has three brilliantly designed sandstone mausoleums paying


Anand Bhavan

In the 1930s, the original Swaraj Bhavan, today a famous Allahabad tourist place, was transformed into the headquarters of the Indian National Congress. As a result, Motilal Nehru had to buy another mansion for himself


Allahabad Museum

Established in 1931, the Allahabad Museum is one of the most important and grandiose museums of India. It is a place of national importance, housing significant artifacts from the modern historical period of India.